My keynotes, workshops, and intensives offer breath-of-fresh-air perspectives to audiences of five to 5,000 who won’t be tempted to nap.


I am not a motivational speaker in a suit with a canned theatrical talk that’s done a hundred times a year who’s trying to sell books. Rather, I care deeply about certain topics and I’ll come talk and teach about them—if you care about them too—in a way that is experiential, inspires action, and creates lasting impact.

I offer customized keynotes, workshops & intensives because I’m passionate about the idea of impact.

People often have to endure painful, sleep-inducing talks and workshops with long PowerPoint presentations, but I don’t want that for them. What I want is to be different—to create a space for people to tune into themselves and remember what is true for them.

I feel humbled and grateful when I hear back that it’s working. Several clients have told me that they’ve brought in much bigger names to speak or deliver workshops and that what I’ve done has scored higher on feedback forms and has been more impactful. Win/win!

My keynotes, workshops, and intensives leave people with takeaways in the form of tactical things they can do in the real world going forward to increase their impact. They can also:

  • Provide fun and positive energy that sets the tone for the rest of the day

  • Introduce the audience to new perspectives, ideas, approaches, and resources

  • Breathe life back into the room, your people, and your company.

There aren’t any big hoops to jump when you book me for a keynote, workshop, or intensive.

An initial conversation will clarify whether we’re a good fit (you don’t have to go through a bureau; you can talk to me directly on the phone). From there, we’ll design the details of our collaboration together. You may decide on a 60-90 minute keynote, a half-day workshop, a full-day intensive, or a combination. Either way, I’ll make our work together easy and want to make you look good.

Topics I most love to explore with groups include:

  • Leading in Every Moment

  • Conscious Leadership: Why Leadership is Mostly about Paying Attention

  • Curiosity-Based Communication

  • Communicating for Trust and Transparency

  • Nature As Our Teacher: Leadership Lessons from Mother Earth

  • Do It Your Way: Stop Looking Around and Start Looking Within

  • Authenticity in Everyday Life

  • Creating a Resonant Yes through the Power of No

  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life

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"Sarah is a phenomenal speaker and leader. She was able to engage a large room of attendees, and turn a keynote into an inspirational and interactive session that pushed attendees to think outside of their comfort zones. Feedback from the session included: "Sarah Young was outstanding," "Sarah's keynote was the best. She has great tools and ideas," and "Give more time to Sarah!" Not only was Sarah's event keynote a huge hit, but working and planning with Sarah was a joy. She cares deeply about hitting the right balance with the audience, and ensuring that everyone leaves the event with something actionable to bring back to their work."  

Molly O'Grady Murray, Wisconsin Primary Healthcare Association

You did an amazing job - if possible, far beyond the already high expectations your previous speaking for us has given us for you. Attendees have been raving about it, and the impact you had has been palpable in the amount of community building I've seen happening so far this conference. Thank you for using your talents to enhance our profession and our conference.

Erika Ryerson, Senior HR Specialist - State of WI and IPMA-HR Board Member

"One of the best meetings we have had! Speaker was top notch!"


"Very Inspiring!"

"I loved her! Great exercises and messaging." 


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