In our thought partnership, I’ll hold space for the conversations you’re not having anywhere else. 

Our dialogue will enable you to think more clearly and effectively about whatever topic, idea, problem, or opportunity you’re facing.  I’ll listen deeply, get to know you, and challenge any thinking that might be holding you back. Crucially, we’ll identify what matters the most so that you can focus on that. Together we’ll create the conditions for you to boldly and innovatively take action and meet your goals.


Our thought partnership will help you show up powerfully so you can do your best work. It can also: 

  • Help you give your company what it needs so that it’s more effective and gets better results;

  • Assist you in making the transition from founder/co-founder to leader so you can grow with your company;

  • Help you expand your capacity to lead through deep self-reflection paired with tactical tools and skills;

  • Create a space for you to come together with your co-founders so you can operate cohesively, with trust and understanding; 

  • Improve your working relationships so they’re more joyful and effective;

  • Support you in tending to all of the parts of your life outside of the company that allow you to show up most powerfully within the company 

  • Help you identify and level-up other leaders within the company; and

  • Support you as a whole person so you can keep doing epic shit.

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Thought partnership is a highly-specialized blend of coaching, leadership development, and business strategy. 

This is a deep partnership with a small handful of incredibly high-impact individuals. If this is you, we’ll start with a conversation and then figure out a plan to get started. 

For some groups, this partnership has looked like monthly co-founder strategy sessions and 1:1 executive coaching sessions for each of the co-founders. For other groups, it’s looked like a coaching circle for women leaders within the organization. And for others, it’s looked like monthly to quarterly coaching and thought partnership for key leaders across the organizations.  

Once we start working together, this partnership will likely include as-needed, quick check-ins – whether to get input on an upcoming team member conversation; to review an internal blog post that’s about to go out; or to strategize about an important meeting you’re planning for next week.


Want to create a plan and get started?

(You can also learn more about who I work with and The Zing Collaborative Experience here)