"My work with Sarah has been among the most meaningful I have ever done, professionally or personally. She has not only helped me envision what authenticity and accountability look like in my life, but challenges me to use my values to determine the steps I need to take get there. The creative ideas we come up with together to help me tackle the challenges before me because they are based on the principles that matter most to me. Our work has its roots in who I want be, as opposed to merely what I want to do. Sarah's sincere belief in me inspires me at those times my own belief is faltering, and motivates me to move beyond the obstacles I place in my own way." -Leah, Milwaukee WI

"Coaching with Sarah was an inspirational and powerful experience for me. I gained a deep insight into my real priorities and passions and how to find more time for things I’m caring about. I would recommend this coaching both for professional and personal development." - Anna, Geneva Switzerland


"I think of your work with me as targeted holistic-ness. I feel that through your ability to look at my whole person you were able to tease out, in me, some specific areas and strategies to approach life through a better and more authentic lens. Your coaching has made a massive impact on my life and I thank you for it." Jason Larson, La Crosse WI

"Every time I talk to Sarah she listens so intently. She is so present and invested in the conversation. I can open myself up to new ideas because she is there asking thought-provoking questions and guiding me into new territory. Through my time with Sarah I have felt more creative, more stable, happier and more like my true self. She always surprises me by helping me uncover who I really am." - Scott L., Madison WI

"Sarah shines as a coach! Her directness and warmth help clients identify who they are and what matters most to them, so they can envision and take steps toward achieving their goals. Working with Sarah, I was able to overcome my doubts and connect with the big vision and plan I have for my business. I can always count on Sarah to challenge me in a compassionate way so that I keep moving forward." Deb Elbaum, Career and Life Coach, Boston MA

"Sarah is the best coach out there. She has a rare combination of energy, warmth, intelligence, and assertiveness that will push you to new heights and help you achieve what you didn't think but always knew was possible." - NM, Madison WI

"I have found my experience with coaching to be incredibly helpful - much more so than my experience with therapy. Therapy was focused on listening. I would talk and the therapist would just listen. I found it a frustrating because I wanted to have a dialogue about what I was saying and brainstorm ideas on how I could make things better. Coaching is active--we set goals and talk through different strategies and motivations." EL, Madison WI

"So, when I started coaching, I was basically in a funk in my phd program. I sort of knew that I needed to change things (change directions on my thesis, start new projects which would inspire me), but I needed someone there to give me the push and encourage me throughout the process. Sarah has been a great help in terms of guiding me to a place where I remember why I enjoyed research to begin with; along the way, we've always discovered lots of things about what I value and what constitute a meaningful career direction. I'm sooooooo much happier after talking with Sarah, and it's really changed both my professional life and my personal life!"  - Ed, Madison WI

"I worked with Sarah on defining an impact statement for my business. While I knew internally why I do what I do, I had a hard time verbalizing it in a way that felt meaningful and resonated with my target market. Sarah has an innate talent for asking the right questions and pulling the right words out of your brain. She is laser focused on the end goal. I was amazed with how quickly we solved a problem I've been working on alone for the last six months." - Vicky Cassidy - Grid Productive, Madison, WI


"Thank you for getting our workshop off to a great start! Your journaling session was creative, lively, and you did an amazing job of engaging everyone and honoring their ideas. I hope we can have you return in the future. Everyone loved what they learned." - Jan Aiels, Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids IA

"Your style invited inclusiveness and participation from everyone in the room." - PH, Madison WI

"I found Sarah's style to be unobtrusive and empowering." - MM, Madison WI

"The workshop was a refreshing, inspiring, and above all a fun night with some great people... Sarah and Vicky did an impressive job balancing light hearted discussion with more focused exercises and concrete actions for getting closer to where we each wanted to be.  They made it look easy.  It was a great night, and in the days since I've spent way more time on things that excite me than things that distract me, which is always a good feeling.  It's amazing what a little discussion and reflection can do when you need a little nudge (or even a big one)." - Jason Schatz, Madison WI

"Sarah is an absolutely incredible facilitator! I wish she would lead every class for this certificate. I have walked away from the last two classes feeling energized and excited to apply what I have learned. I can't say enough good things about these classes!" - Participant at the Influential Leader Workshop, Madison WI


"I asked Sarah to do a Lunch & Learn for my managers at EcoLips. Her methods included starting conversations with each participant long before the event. Based on those conversations, she sculpted the program to meet the exact needs of my group. Sarah's material was fresh, original, concise, and she articulated everything extremely well. To reiterate certain communication strategies and test her materials, Sarah intelligently and seamlessly improvised a portion of the discussion. We definitely plan to work with Sarah Young and Zing Coaching in the future!" Steve Shriver, Founder and CEO of EcoLips, Cedar Rapids IA

"Sarah was the reason I made it through this job. She is a very nice woman but is tough as nails." MB, Madison WI

"Sarah gets things done. She’s great at follow-up and cares about people. She’s always looking for ways to grow others and shares those learnings with other managers." - TM, Madison WI

"This has been very impactful training for my personal, leadership, and team member growth. Great discovery and learning opportunities."  - Director, Madison WI

"The training exceeded my expectations, and I took away more from it than I anticipated. Good learning experience - and many resources that can be applied to almost any company or department within our company." -Director, Madison WI

"Sarah is one of the most compassionate and caring people I've ever met. She had a true, loyal interest in the success of our team, and didn't shy away from helping me become a better recruiter or person. She takes time to sincerely get to know people and to figure out what motivates them best. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I without a doubt grew the most while on her team." - Brittany, Madison WI

"Sarah is a wonderful mentor and leader. Her one-on-one advice helped keep me sane at times, motivated, and re-invigorated after our conversations. Her skills in mentoring were only outshone by her fantastic personality and natural warmth for people." - Nicole K., Madison WI

"We have a start-up entrepreneurial attitude here at Revolution Realty Team. We are a company cultivating a culture of self development and personal growth. It is important to get off on the right foot when creating something new, especially in business. Sarah hosted a session with our team that helped us uncover what and how we viewed our organization, and identified our short and long-term goals. Sarah was able to strip away the fluff and get some real, measurable data in front of us. I'm grateful for her engaging workshops and quick-witted ability to implement information in real-time. I would recommend Sarah to anyone from a personal to organizational level who wants to improve." -Robert Stiles, Owner of Revolution Realty Team