Do Your Day with Jackie Hering

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In this episode, I talk to Jackie Hering - a professional triathlete, entrepreneur, running and triathlon coach, mother, and overall amazing human.

We explore the question: is it possible to do it all? We also talk about balancing motherhood, work, and passions; avoiding burnout; finding our Hell Yeah; mental health and supporting those who are struggling; navigating grief and loss; and making the most of the moments we have.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wears a number of different hats; who is working to create slivers of time during the day for the things that matter most; who is interested in reconnecting to a hobby or passion; who would like to create more time for exercise and movement; who is working on ‘not sweating the small stuff,’ and who is interested in the intersection of family, work, passions, and life.


Questions to Consider

  • What’s your main job? What would it look like to focus on that?

  • What makes you happy?

  • If you follow your energy, where will it lead you?

  • Why are you doing the things you’re doing?

  • Is it a Hell Yeah?

  • Am I super excited and motivated about the things I’m saying yes to?

For More

Stake in the Ground



In this episode, we explore the topic of Stake: your compelling why and purpose behind anything that you’re doing.

This episode is for anyone who wants to increase your positive impact in anything that you’re doing - from meetings you’re leading, to conversations you’re having, to committees you’re part of, to the business or team that you’re running.


Questions to Ask:

  • What is my why?

  • What is the thing that I care deeply about?

  • What matters?

  • What is the thing that I can anchor myself to?

  • What is my compelling purpose for this [conversation, meeting, project]?

Resources and Inspiration for Uncovering Your Why:

Educational Costs



In this episode, we explore the topic of Educational Costs: instances where we invest time and money in something that ultimately doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped.

This episode is for anyone who a) may be able to think of some recent educational costs of your own, or b) would like to learn four strategies to reduce the number of educational costs in your life and your business.


Ways to Reduce Educational Costs:

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Wait 24 hours before responding

  • Pull the plug earlier

  • Be clear

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin:


1440 podcast introduction


Hello, and thanks for checking out the brand new 1440 Podcast by Zing Collaborative. We have 1440 minutes in a 24 hour day, and our opportunity as leaders, as professionals, as business owners, and as humans is to make the most of those 1440 minutes.

This podcast explores the intersection of Impact, Leadership, and Aliveness. It explores what it means to live our values in everyday life. And it explores how to make time for the things that matter most and stand up for the things we believe, even when - and especially when - it’s hard.

Our moments become our days, and our days become our lives. Here’s to seizing the moments. Thank you for being part of the journey!