Why the Conscious Leadership Experience?


Our world needs a new way of leading. Looking around our neighborhoods, our communities, our workplaces, our country, and beyond, this is more evident than ever. As our world becomes more and more complex, our way of leading needs to become more conscious. 

Conscious impact is what happens when we combine our strengths, talents, passions, and unique way of leading with real, specific, and concrete opportunities for positive change. It’s the intersection point of who we are and how we serve the world. And it’s an opportunity that’s available to us all day, every day, regardless of role, title, location, or amount of leadership experience.

While many workshops and seminars teach us skills, tools, and templates to apply to our management and leadership, few lead us through the deep, courageous work of looking inward at who we are as leaders; our strengths and our brilliance; our patterns and our blindspots; and how we can harness all of these things in order to show up as powerfully as possible as leaders in all parts of life. 

Quite simply, leadership is really damn hard. In fact, it’s often some of the hardest work we do. Leading others, leading teams, and leading companies has a way of shaking our confidence and triggering all of our inner gremlins (cue: imposter syndrome, self-doubt, questions around our capabilities and our capacity, and so much more) in a way that few other things do. Oftentimes, as we move into higher level leadership roles, we find that the complexity is increasing and the stakes are higher, but that we have less support and mentorship than we once did. 

The Zing Collaborative Conscious Leadership Experience is an opportunity to come together as humans and leaders to raise our collective leadership consciousness and confidence, while using our collective genius to solve some of our toughest challenges along the way.