I admit it. I have a bit of a problem.

Give me a good article, video, blog post, or book and I can’t get enough. I love learning about new ideas, new philosophies, and new tools to incorporate into my coaching business.

When I first learned about Marie Forleo from one of my clients, I gorged on her videos for about 3 days straight. So many tips!

The only problem was, with all this learning, there was little time for creating. So much time hearing other people’s voices and ideas that there wasn’t time to express my own.

As a result, I’ve come up with a new motto to guide my daily learning routines.

Creation before intake.

This means that I get up each morning and write down m own ideas, do my own writing, and do my own important things – before I start taking in stuff from others. “Stuff from others” includes everything in the learning category, along with requests and to-dos that come in the form of emails and messages.

The result?

I’ve become much more productive and also much happier with my daily routine, because I’ve reduced the amount of stuff I’m taking in each day. I also like to think that my new system is helping me to be more creative, as I’m spending more time developing my own ideas and my own voice – and less time being influenced by everybody else.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love a good Marie Forleo break every now and then. But these days, it’s just that – a break – from the important things on my list that now take priority.

What about you? What helps you prioritize creation and your important to-dos over intake? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.