About the Approach

This approach to leadership development starts with the individual. It is based on a few important truths that you will find woven throughout any of our work together.

  • We are all leaders, regardless of role or title - at work, at home, and out in the world. 
  • We are whole people, and we become unstoppable when we embrace all of who we are.
  • In order to create positive change, we must first look inward. Any work we do together will start here. 
  • Every moment is a leadership moment. It's up to us to decide how to use these moments.

You'll find that this approach is built on a strong foundation of corporate experience that ranges from project management, to people management, to talent management, to HR. To learn a little bit more about me and my style, feel free to check out the video above or the podcast episode below, from the Do Your Thing Podcast with Ross Brown. The podcast captures many of my core beliefs that are at the center of the work I do. 

About the Team

Sarah Young, Chief Impact Catalyst

I spent 8 years in the corporate world, where I became obsessed with human potential and working with individuals and teams to find the magic mix of talent, passion, and potential to make the greatest impact in a way that feels joyful and alive. 

This is at the heart of the work I do today: increasing impact while increasing aliveness. 

Working with me, you get equal parts former corporate executive + certified co-active coach + leadership development expert + experiential program leader + mindfulness student and teacher + nature lover.

 In whatever way we work together, whether as a team, an organization, during a keynote, or 1:1, you'll find that our work comes back to the whole - work/life/soul/spirit/me/you/our world - because when we approach things in any other way, it simply doesn't work.

This is an overview of some of the highlights of my journey to today. 

In more specific terms (or as many CEOs I work with have told me - "the stuff we care about that you never talk about"), some of my credentials include:

  • Former project manager, implementation executive, talent management executive, and HR director for the top healthcare software company in the nation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Certified Agile ScrumMaster (CSM) 
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (200YTT)

Myers & Briggs says I'm an ENFP (and I have to say, I agree). The Gallup Strengths Finder says: Positive, Maximizing, Adaptable, Believing, and Connected, Disc says iS, and my top Motivators Assessment Motivator is "Impact" and Motivators Assessment Identity is "Thinker."


I'm wildly passionate about human potential, about stepping into our full leadership in all aspects of our lives, about the essential role oft nature in creativity, productivity, and well-being, and about creating a world full of more aliveness and more humanity.  

My work is deeply informed by nature and movement, and I try to spend as much time as possible exploring, adventuring, and reflecting outdoors. I've created content for several of my programs from my bike, while on a run through the woods, or from my hammock while camping. When I'm not with clients or out in nature, I'm usually working at the breakfast nook with a cup of coffee or experimenting (or eating) in the kitchen. I'm proud to call Madison, WI my home base. 

Joe McAsey, Operations Coordinator

Joe is a process and operations guru, working to support Zing Collaborative’s mission of impact by focusing on systems, structures, and sustainability. He brings experience in operations technology management, supply chain management, and marketing. He’s also an incredibly fast runner and a music lover. What impressed me most about Joe right away was his thoughtful approach, and the way that he applies this thoughtfulness to everything he does. 

In Joe's Words....

Why This work?

"Previous work experience in the procurement and supply chain world with companies such as Caterpillar Inc. and Enerpac sparked my interest in creating a positive long-term impact through driving efficiency. At Zing Collaborative, I plan to continue to drive efficiencies in our systems and processes and ultimately assist as many people as possible in leadership development."

Why Zing Collaborative?

"When I met Sarah, what instantly stood out to me about her and Zing Collaborative was authenticity. I always strive to be authentic and personable in the work that I do, and Zing creates the perfect environment for that.  In addition to getting involved in a productive workplace culture, I’m also excited to help create and manage structures that help clients achieve their dreams."

What do you think of when you think of the word impact?

"For me, impact is at the core of what I do each day because creating impact through my actions motivates me to succeed. Impact means efficiency in what I do and end results I can be proud of. If these results align with my personal values and goals and have a positive effect on those around me, whether it is a client, coworker, friend, family member or the world, they create impact."

Loves & Passions

"Outside of the office, I am a distance runner and music lover.  If I’m not out running, you can usually find me on the weekends at the Orpheum or High Noon catching a show, traveling across the country to a music festival, or jamming to a record on a lazy Sunday."

Here's what Joe's listening to now. 

Extended Team & Key Contributors

We are grateful to partner with some incredible teams and individuals who contribute to the success of Zing Collaborative through their talents and expertise. Our extended team and key contributors include:

  • Mara Felton: relevant, fresh, and creative approach to logos and branding (Mara created the Zing Collaborative logo, business cards, and updated branding elements)  
  • Laura Houlihan of Laurels and Stars Photography: wildly talented photographer who has a gift for capturing a human's essence through her camera lens (Laura took many of my most frequently used images) 
  • Schock and Associates: my long-time financial advisor (and the second person I called when I put in my notice in my former position and decided to start my company!)
  • Hillary Schave of Azena Photography: responsible for Joe's awesome photos above