Efficiency and Flow


Efficiency and Flow

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You crave more time and energy for the things that matter most.

You sometimes feel as though your calendar is your master, and you are its puppet.

You get a lot done, but it doesn’t always feel like you’re getting the right things done.

You feel like you’re better at executing other people’s priorities than you are at executing your own.

You often feel as though you’re grinding, pushing, and hustling - and you’re tired.

If any of these things sound familiar, you are not alone. In leading leadership and human development courses across the country, I’ve found that these feelings are almost universal - across roles, industries, and positions. From CEOs, to entrepreneurs, to construction superintendents, to project managers - I’ve heard similar words of despair when we touch on the topic of calendars, emails, time, and energy.

For this reason, I’ve created a brand new 6-session, live virtual course, where together we’ll create more time, energy, and flow for the things that matter most. After the course, by applying the principles we explore, you’ll:

  • Have clarity on your values and priorities

  • Be empowered to create more time, ease, and spaciousness throughout your days

  • Spend less time in your inbox while increasing your responsiveness

  • Be able to effectively say No in order to say Yes to the things that align with your values

  • Have more energy and vitality

Here’s how, and what we’ll cover:

Course #1: Getting Clear

The first step in becoming more impactful is ensuring we are focusing on the right things. Too often, we get swept up in the seduction of productivity, only to realize we are incredibly efficient at getting the wrong things done. During this foundational course, you’ll:

  • Explore the things that matter most

  • Identify your core values

  • Gain clarity on your key priorities

  • Tune into your compelling “why”

  • Learn ways to put your values, priorities, and compelling “why” at the center of your days and your weeks

  • Leave with tactical tools for prioritizing the things that matter most, particularly amidst the whirlwind of everyday work and life

Course #2: Your Calendar - Your New Best Friend

Many of us feel as though we are held hostage by our calendars - tiny boxes, in multiple colors, acting as the masters of our lives, often against our will. During this course, we’ll regain control over our calendars so that it no longer rules our every move, and instead supports us in creating more time and energy for the things that matter most. You’ll:

  • Learn how to manage your calendar, instead of it managing you

  • Uncover strategies to create more time and space in your days and your weeks

  • Learn how to schedule your days and weeks in a way that maximizes productivity and efficiency

  • Explore how to manage energy in addition to managing time

  • Leave with an action plan which will leave you with more ease, a feeling of more time and increased energy, and less stress

Course #3: Repairing Your Strained Relationship with Your Inbox

In teaching leadership and personal development courses throughout the country, there is a shared groan I hear in the room whenever I bring up the topic of email. “Catching up on email” is a task that seems to rule our days, keeps us at the office late at night, and lurks in the back of our head when we wake up at 2 am. During this course we will:

  • Challenge the beliefs that keep us chained to our inboxes

  • Redefine our relationship with email

  • Learn how to spend less time and energy in our inboxes, while becoming more responsive and productive

  • Uncover strategies that make inbox management easier, smoother, and more efficient

  • Create a personalized action plan to create Email Zen following the course

Course #4: Creating a Resonant Yes through the Power of No

When we read about successful people throughout history - from great thinkers to entrepreneurs to top CEOs, most of them share one thing in common: they are incredibly skilled at saying “no.” Saying “no” is critical for having the type of impact we want to have in the world and serving in a greater way. During this course we will:

  • Learn how to do more, by doing less

  • Discover the downfall of “more is better” and understand the power of “less but better”

  • Understand the “big yes” versus the “little yes”

  • Uncover how we can plan and prepare for difficult decisions

  • Learn how to make conscious decisions in the moment

  • Create clarity in order to make difficult decisions easier

  • Learn why saying no is essential for service and impact

  • Learn ways to say no from a place of gratitude and appreciation

Course #5: Energy-Boosting, Life-Giving Routines and Rituals

We hear a lot about the idea of “self-care.” But too often, “self-care” can be another thing on the calendar and even something that causes additional stress on our bodies. During this course, we will set aside some of the common assumptions about how self-care should look and dig deeper in order to:

  • Understand the power of managing energy, in addition to managing time

  • Discover the ways that we can boost our energy in small but impactful ways throughout our days

  • Create more energy for the things that matter most

  • Remove the feeling of “should” and “obligation” that we often tie to self-care

  • Create a greater positive impact in the world by nourishing our minds, bodies, and emotions

  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude for increased impact and joy

Course #6: Bringing It All Together

During this final course, we will review everything we’ve learned and create a personalized action plan for increased impact and increased joy. We will:

  • Review the key themes and take-aways from the first 5 courses

  • Identify your personal game-changers and action items

  • Create a personalized action plan

  • Solidify your top 3-5 Most Important Things

  • Determine an action and accountability plan

Dates and Details

The 6 courses will be held virtually and live, via Zoom video conferencing. Each session will be 90 minutes - with a mix of content and time for discussion, sharing, and questions. Participants may join by computer or by phone.

Each session will be recorded and made available to participants following the course.

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