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Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here.

My homepage has already given you a brief introduction to Zing Collaborative and you can learn more about me, why I do what I do, and the company here

There’s a good chance you’re here because someone referred you, so you probably have an idea as to what I offer already. Before you check out my offerings though, I want to dig a little deeper into a couple of things. 

First off, I’ll tell you more about the people I serve. Then, I’ll tell you more about The Zing Collaborative Experience, which is how I approach things and what you get (and don’t get) when you work with me. These things will help you determine if we’re a good match.


Recognize yourself?

The incredible humans I work with have tend to have these attributes:

  • Smart, passionate, and talented

  • Creative, visionary, and forward-thinking

  • Want to keep raising the bar

  • Willing to do deep work

  • Care about their mission and their people and the planet

  • Are focused on doing meaningful, impactful work in the world.


Overall, my clients—whether they come from conscious companies in tech, higher education, law, healthcare, financial services, government, the arts, the non-profit world, or any other industry—tend to fall into these categories and have these needs:



You’ve founded or co-founded an organization that’s growing at a rapid rate and you’re being continuously stretched in new ways. You must keep leveling up to stay ahead. You want to have a positive impact as a leader, create a great culture, and help your team develop too—not to mention truly change the world.

Because it can be lonely at the top, a sounding board who can give you a fresh perspective, who has your back, and doesn’t let you off the hook when it comes to the tough questions can be super-valuable to you.

You have a vision for your company, and also your life; you want to succeed as an individual too. For that to happen, you also need white space and time to reconnect with what matters most.



You’re likely a kick-ass CEO or executive who models what leadership looks like; who is continuously reading about and learning about leadership; and who is looked up to by team members across all levels of the organization.

You’re thinking about what it can look like to develop your next generations of leaders – especially as the company continues to grow and thrive.

While, as an organization, you’ve likely dabbled in various leadership trainings or conferences in the past, you’re looking for a different level of leadership development – something that is laser focused on your organization; customized to meet the needs of the team members who will be involved; an experience that is fresh, relevant, and relatable; and can happen at or near your company headquarters to cut down on travel time and expense for the team.



You’re growing your business, or making a shift. Or maybe you’ve built a successful business, but you’re not sure it’s right for you anymore and are thinking about burning it down and starting anew (but are up at night, wondering if that’s reallllly a good idea….).

Either way, you need to re-connect with who you are, and what you want to create at this phase (which might be different than what you desired when you started), so that you can align your actions and your business accordingly.


Passionate Professionals

You’re considering a career pivot of some sort – maybe within your current organization, thinking about throwing your hat in the ring for a new role that just became available – or perhaps thinking about more of a career reinvention…leaving your industry, or leaving the corporate world altogether to start the business you’ve been thinking about for the last decade.

Either way, you’re hearing the inner whisper that’s telling you that there’s something different that might be calling to you.

You want work that nourishes you and is balanced. You want to feel fulfilled, to know your purpose, to get clear on your unique genius, and feel like you are applying all of these things to the work you do each day.


If you can relate, please read on.


When we work together, you can expect
a whole-person approach. 


This means creating and holding a space to get still and uncover and reconnect with who you are, what matters to you, your values, your unique genius and way of being in the world, and how you show up each day accordingly.This clarity allows you to show up more powerfully in all aspects of work and life. 

Our work together is not based on quick fixes or catchy solutions. Instead, it’s based on deep inquiry; authentic partnership; and bold action in service of what’s needed. I’ll put a stake in the ground for you. I’ll support you with fierce love, call bullshit when I sense it, and fight for you and what you want to create. I’ll be relentlessly committed to your wellbeing as a person and your success as a leader. 

However we work together, my process will be both structured and intuitive, and tailored to you, your goals, and your needs – which I’ll help you get clear on. 

The process involves weaving together concepts, research, ideas, and modalities into a cohesive experience that’s infused with intuition, mindfulness, and an ability to see in you what is often hard to see in yourself. I’m a former corporate executive—so everything we do together will be rooted in business strategy and real-life experience —and an invitation to tap into stillness, intuition, the wisdom of nature and the world around us, and all of who we are as leaders and as humans. 

Ultimately, though I provide high-touch service and am often an extension of your team, I love being in the background and watching you go create magic in your leadership and your life.


If the essence of this approach resonates with you and what you are needing, please read more about Zing Collaborative, explore my offerings, and reach out any time.


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