Signature Experiences


Zing Collaborative Leadership Experience

Transform the way you lead in all parts of work and life through this experience of deep self-inquiry and reflection, fresh perspectives and approaches, real-life application, and stunning community. Available as a half-day teaser workshop, a 1-day bootcamp, or a multi-part transformative experience.


Achieving Alchemy

This experience, described by one of recent participant as a “mental spa day,” is a way to step back from the urgent demands of everyday life to focus on what really matters, in the company of other incredible women over the course of the day.


Creation Escape 2020

2.5 days, a beautiful location, one key project, and a heck of a lot of progress – in the company of other entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders who are ready to unplug and get $hit done. Come in with your key focus area; gain clarity and momentum through laser sessions with the group; have plenty of white space to put your head down and get to work.

Strategy Sessions


Strategy sessions are an opportunity zoom up, zoom out, come together as a team, get clear on what matters, and create a plan accordingly. Together, we’ll design the experience to best meet your needs and your goals – which I will help you get clear on during our planning conversations. 

While the specific details are things we’ll figure out together, for many teams, these strategy sessions involve a mix of:

  • Values – uncovering, or rediscovering, team values and what they look like in action (or, sometimes, moving away from ‘that list of words on the wall’ toward ‘what really matters to us, in our own words’)

  • Vision – where we’re going, what’s possible, and our desired future state 

  • Barriers – the things that are getting in the way of us reaching our goals and full potential 

  • Strengths and Gifts – of each team member, and how to honor and cultivate these, in service of shared impact 

  • Actions and Accountability – to implement all of what we uncovered together 

Strategy sessions can be held as half-day, full-day, or multi-day offerings. Collaborative pricing options are available for clients in the non-profit and public sectors, and also for small businesses and early stage start-ups.


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Quite simply, a well-facilitated retreat is a way to co-create magic with your team that can have positive ripples for weeks, months, and even years to come. 

Away from the urgent demands of our everyday work, a retreat is an opportunity to zoom out, zoom up, come together as a group of humans and a team, and have the conversations that matter most. 

We will design the experience together, in service of your goals and desired outcomes. Typically, my approach to retreats involves a mix of strategy;  collaboration; deep (and often fierce) conversations; white space for processing and reflection; and meaningful team development opportunities (think: enjoyable, elevated, and collaborative experiences – no trust falls or paint ball wars, I promise). 

Following retreats, teams have reported higher levels of trust, improved working relationships, and greater confidence in themselves as leaders and in each other as colleagues. Following one recent retreat, a participant said, “this is the highest level of trust we’ve ever had in the 8 years we’ve been working together.” This is the power of a well-facilitate retreat.

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Speaking and Workshops

Watch Sarah’s Speaker Reel

I draw a big thick “X” through the title of motivational speaker, but I do offer a select number of interactive talks and workshops each year on topics of importance that align with the overall goals of your conference or event. 

My goal for any talk that I give is to create a container for self-discovery and reflection, along with offering tangible, tactical, practical tools and information to apply back in the real world after the event. 

My talks typically receive top scores at conferences and events and are described using phrases such as “engaging; great energy; refreshing; interactive; energetic; full of real-life examples; great stories; personalized.” 

These are a few topics that I’d be delighted to talk about with your group, if they feel like they might be the right fit. 

  • Aliveness at Work

  • Leading in Every Moment 

  • Communicating for Trust and Transparency

  • Curiosity-Based Communication 

  • Do It Your Way: Stop Looking Around and Start Looking Within 

  • Nature As Our Teacher: Leadership Lessons from Mother Earth 


I’d love to hear from you if it feels like we might be the right fit to work together for your upcoming event. Please fill out this form with a bit more information, and we can go from there.