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Favorite Resources

  • The Motivators Assessment: this is the first assessment I've found that measures internal motivation (versus personality, tendencies, strengths, or working style. I firmly believe that understanding other people and other people's motivations is a key part of building strong relationships and increasing engagement on our teams. I've been using this assessment as part of recent workshops and retreats with great response from participants, and Joe and I have been using it internally as well. Use the code ZING to take $10 off of the assessment, and drop me a note if you're interested in learning more about related workshops for your organization. 
  • The Five Minute Journal: I use this tool almost everyday as part of my morning routine. I love how simple and straightforward it is - and the fact that it truly takes only five minutes to fill out. 
  • The Desire Map Daily Planner: this is my other most frequently used tool as part of my morning routine. It beautifully combines the "being and doing," with space for both reflection and detailed planning. The 2017 edition is available now (there's also a weekly edition).