• TRAINING FOR EMERGING & EXISTING LEADERS: engaging, interactive, immediately-actionable, and focused on what your organization needs most.

  • RETREATS & WORKSHOPS: through fierce conversation and innovative approaches,  we get to the heart of the matter and leave with a plan for lasting change. 

  • CONSULTING: solving your most important problems in a way that honors your organization's culture where it's working, and challenges it where it isn't. Examples include: engagement, change management, culture assessment and program implementation, & customer experience assessment and program implementation.

  • LEADERSHIP & EXECUTIVE COACHING: a powerful mix of personal and professional coaching, 360 review, shadowing and feedback, collaboration, & leadership development. You'll walk away more compelling and effective in work and life.

  • CAREER TRANSITION COACHING: together, we develop a plan, a process, and a roadmap that moves you toward doing purpose-driven, meaningful work in the world.

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING: think advocacy meets accountability meets bold truth...all in service of more energy, increased fulfillment, and getting out of your own way to create your life instead of existing in it.

  • TAKE THE LEAP: to start your business, to full-time entrepreneurship, to take your message out into the world in a way that feels authentic and alive.

  • COACHING JUMPSTART: for new coaches who are serious about building their practice and making a living doing passion-based, purpose-driven work.

  • GROW YOUR BUSINESS: for entrepreneurs and coaches who are committed to creating more clients, making more money, and making a bigger impact - while working smarter, not harder. 

For a printable sample of leadership programs available for your organization, please click here. 

I offer engaging and interactive keynotes, talks, and workshops to audiences who care not just about good ideas, but about how to make them real in everyday life. Some of my signature talks include:

  • Whole-Person Leadership: tapping into all the parts of ourselves to lead in the most effective and compelling way possible
  • Passion and Purpose Driven Work: getting to the heart of the matter
  • Entrepreneurs as Leaders: the often-missing component of entrepreneurship
  • Curiosity-Based Communication: a powerful model for listening more and communicating better
  • Communicating for Trust and Transparency: the answer to many of the culture challenges we face
  • Conscious Leadership: why leadership is mostly about paying attention
  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life: a practical approach to slowing down and tuning in 

Please contact me to learn more about a customized event for your organization, and see the Events page for a list of upcoming events.