Do Your Day with Jackie Hering

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In this episode, I talk to Jackie Hering - a professional triathlete, entrepreneur, running and triathlon coach, mother, and overall amazing human.

We explore the question: is it possible to do it all? We also talk about balancing motherhood, work, and passions; avoiding burnout; finding our Hell Yeah; mental health and supporting those who are struggling; navigating grief and loss; and making the most of the moments we have.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wears a number of different hats; who is working to create slivers of time during the day for the things that matter most; who is interested in reconnecting to a hobby or passion; who would like to create more time for exercise and movement; who is working on ‘not sweating the small stuff,’ and who is interested in the intersection of family, work, passions, and life.


Questions to Consider

  • What’s your main job? What would it look like to focus on that?

  • What makes you happy?

  • If you follow your energy, where will it lead you?

  • Why are you doing the things you’re doing?

  • Is it a Hell Yeah?

  • Am I super excited and motivated about the things I’m saying yes to?

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