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what exactly is 1:1 coaching?
In a nutshell, it's the process of empowering you, as the client, to live your richest, most fulfilled, and most meaningful life. A life where you show up fully and authentically in everything you do. A life where live your passions. A life where you are vivid and alive.

what happens during a 1:1 coaching session?
Coaching sessions are held via phone or video chat (Skype, Google Hangout, or Facetime). You pick what we talk about – and then from there, we’ll explore, reflect, talk about powerful questions, brainstorm, collaborate, go deep, look at what’s here, and look at what’s true. I will likely assign you homework between our sessions; you have the opportunity to accept or counter offer. We may touch on everything from career to relationships to physical location to what happened this morning at the grocery store. I will ask you to come with a topic and own your coaching journey.

is 1:1 coaching the same as therapy? or just a friendlier way of saying consulting?
No. Coaching isn’t focused on fixing or diagnosing. Rather than focusing on the past or one specific solution, we focus primarily on this moment forward and what’s possible. While I may give you advice or offer my opinion if you ask for it, I assume that you have the answers – my job is to empower you to get to them. I also do consulting - check out the 'for your leadership team' section for that.

who do you coach via 1:1 coaching?
I work with clients who are talented, passionate, inspired by something greater, and committed to growth and learning. I work with clients who are committed to making an impact and living on purpose. My clients include executives, young professionals, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, students, artists, teachers, and professors.

what can I expect from you as my coach?
1. Confidentiality and holding a safe, courageous space for us to create from.
2. Deep love and support for the most vivid version of you.
3. Listening to what you say and to what you don’t say.
4. Speaking from truth.
5. Authenticity and showing up fully.
6. Dancing in the moment and being with what’s here now.
7. Honoring our time together and keeping our commitments.
8. Holding you accountable.
9. Curiosity and fun.

what do you expect from me as your client?
1. Authenticity and showing up fully.
2. Being open to growth, expansion, going deep and the possibility of having parts of your world turned upside down.
3. Accountability.
4. Ownership of your coaching journey.
5. Honoring our time together and keeping your commitments.
6. Curiosity and fun.