movement, mindfulness, & mission

movement, mindfulness, & mission is a chic women's personal and professional development event, co-led with Megan Betterman, weaving movement, mindfulness, and mission for an interactive, half-day workshop.

During this event, plan to find focus for next steps in your career and personal life, determine your personal leadership style and strengths, gain confidence, and tap into your influence as a leader. It is a day of learning, growth, exploration, conversation, sisterhood and community. Think of it as part retreat, part leadership seminar, and part brunch gathering with some of the most inspiring ladies around. 

This is a professional workshop where yoga pants are encouraged! The experience will include a nourishing and largely organic brunch along with local coffee and tea. We carefully selected the venue to offer a space that not only supports learning, but also deep connection, conversation, inspiration, and wellbeing. 

This is not a typical leadership conference. There will be no powerpoint presentations. There will be no theater style seating in a cold, dark room. Instead, this is a nourishing, empowering, and intimate experience for women who are interested in a whole-person, whole-body look at what it means to live well and lead powerfully. We can't wait to see you on September 29th. 

outcomes for you

This event is an opportunity to step out of the heads-down hustle of everyday life. It's a chance to step back, reflect on what you want for your work and your life, and explore concrete ways to create forward action after the event. By participating in this experience, you'll leave with increased clarity on what you most desire for your career and your life. You'll learn personal leadership tools and influencing techniques, and ways to apply them following the event. You'll have a chance to move your body and clear your mind. You'll spend the morning in the company of other inspiring women, co-creating connection and community. You'll leave with a set of concrete tools and a personalized action plan to apply what you've uncovered following the event. 

outcomes for your organization

Can you imagine a world where talented women are just as likely as talented men to receive the first critical promotion to manager, be hired into senior leadership positions, and become CEOs? A world where the term "glass ceiling' is a thing of the past, and a world where the first questions we ask female political leaders are about their vision and plans for the future of the country, instead of their plans to have children?

While we have made great strides as a country and a world in the areas of women's rights and female leadership, we still have some work to do.

Women are underrepresented in every level of our organizations. And as we move upward, the disparity increases. Women are 44% of the overall S&P labor force, yet only 25% of executive and senior-level officers and managers, and 6% of CEOs. We see women's leadership gaps across a number of industries, despite findings that women demonstrate equivalent leadership, skills, and capability to men. 

Investing in high-performing female leaders is good for business, good for women, and good for our world. We welcome both individual contributors and teams to this event, and are happy to offer discounted pricing to teams of 3 or more who attend together. 

what women are saying

sample flow for the day

Welcome, Arrive, & Light Snacks: connection, conversation, and snacks to fuel your yoga practice 

Movement, Mindfulness, and Visioning: move your body, clear your mind, and explore what you most desire for work & life

Reflection and Processing: time to reflect, process, and integrate what you've uncovered

Brunch: delicious local brunch to nourish your body and your mind

Break, Connection, Conversation

Learning, Actions, and Tactics: concrete strategies to apply what you've uncovered & increase your leadership effectiveness

Applying and Deepening:  bringing it all together and deepening your learning in an action-focused way 

Conclusion, Commitments, & Accountability: forwarding the action and carrying the magic forward in the world

about Megan and Sarah


Megan Betterman is on a mission to train women how to negotiate their compensation, earn their full value, and advance their career goals. She recently founded a consulting business to bring this mission to life and offers group workshops along with individual training. Additionally, she leads a team of digital marketers at HealthPartners in Minneapolis, the largest consumer governed non-profit health care organization in the nation. Megan recently completed the MBA program at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN with a focus in marketing. She spends her free time teaching yoga, Gyrotonic and meditation along with traveling the world and experimenting with paleo recipes. 


Sarah Young is the founder of Zing Collaborative, where she works with inspired organizations, teams, and individuals to increase their positive impact in the world in a way that feels inspired and alive. She does this through lovingly curated, high-impact experiences; workshops, retreats, and courses; speaking; and 1:1 and small group coaching. Prior to launching Zing Collaborative, she spent 8 years in the corporate world leading people, projects, and teams. When she's not with clients or creating new programs, Sarah is usually somewhere in nature, experimenting with new CSA vegetable combinations in the kitchen, or hanging out with her favorite 2 and 4-legged companions. 


Megan and Sarah originally met during college, where they worked together at a strange internship downtown Minneapolis. In recent years, Megan and Sarah have continued to discover one shared passion after another  - entrepreneurship, yoga and mindfulness, and women's leadership, to name a few. To learn more about Megan and Sarah's official professional accomplishments, feel free to visit their LinkedIn pages (here for Megan, and here for Sarah).

They are thrilled to be joining forces to offer this inaugural event in the Twin Cities. 


The next offering of movement, mindfulness, & mission will be in 2018. Please drop us a note via the contact form if you'd like us to let you know once details are released and registration opens, or feel free to enter your email below to stay informed about upcoming events.