I am grateful to partner with a select group of conscious companies who care about their mission and their people. Together, we work to develop a win/win/win solution that advances your goals and develops your people in a way that is powerful, unique, relevant, and fun. 

Signature Programs for Conscious Companies


This is our state-of-the-art, signature program that has been developed based on our work with hundreds of clients throughout the years. It is an experience that allows leaders at all levels of your organization to expand their capacity to lead by pairing deep self-reflection and  with tactical tools and skills. This experience includes four key elements:

LEADERSHIP & SELF: Self-discovery, self-exploration, and self-awareness as the foundation to impactful leadership.

LEADING, MANAGING, & DEVELOPING OTHERS: Coaching, managing, leading, and empowering others. 

LEADING, MANAGING, & DEVELOPING HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS: Leading and developing incredible teams that get incredible results. 

BUILDING A LEADERSHIP LEGACY: Creating remarkable impact in your company and in the world. 

The content and structure of this program can be customized to best meet the needs of your organization. This program is best suited for companies that believe that investing in people is one of the greatest investments we can make in our business. 

Additional Offerings for Organizations & Teams


Retreats, workshops, and team development experiences for groups on a mission to do amazing things. During these team experiences, we come together as a group to ask the tough questions, talk about the things that matter, and have some fun along the way. We design the experience to meet the needs of your team, your organization, and the desired format for the event. 



I work with a select number of high-performing, mission-driven companies as an extended team member, partnering with key leaders in the organization to develop powerful people development programs in a conscious and creative way. Sarah's approach to leadership involves the whole person and is centered on the belief that every person is a leader, and every moment is a leadership moment. 

coaching talking.jpeg


Corporate coaching is for companies that want to invest in team members in a way that is good for people, and good for business. As part of a corporate coaching partnership, I serve as an 'on deck' coach for the team, meeting with team members individually or as small groups. This model creates powerful results for both the team members and the organization. 

What Clients Are Saying


"You dream of working with someone like Sarah. I hired Sarah to manage a ground-breaking project that included masterfully navigating several different personalities and shepherding different parts of the business to come together to deliver results. Her organization skills are top-notch and her ability to harness the collective energy of the group into one aligning force was a gift that extended far beyond her contract with us. I will certainly work with Sarah again and recommend her to anyone needing a catalyst for change, ‘get it done’ leader to move you forward. I would not hesitate for a second to have her to take on the most precious parts of my business."

— Jason Krause, Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, and Principal at Kraukman, Inc.

"Sarah, you are so understanding and in tune with the class. I didn't know what to expect, but this exceeded every expectation I could have had." 

"The entire class opened my eyes and mind."

"Such an outstanding class."

"So many big and little things to take away to help be a better leader."

"I have been given everything I need to better myself as an airman, leader, and person....this class was perfectly structured. Thank you!"  

  "So many thanks! Sarah couldn't have been a better facilitator! The content was extremely interesting."

"Surprised I gave this a 10 - I usually hate this kind of stuff, but was done well and really did give us an opportunity to meet other people in the company."

"Excellent experience!"