High-impact coaching for high-impact people.

Sarah specializes in working with a select group of highly committed individuals to increase their positive impact in the following areas:


Leadership. You want to step into your full leadership potential in all aspects of your life. Maybe you're in a new role. Maybe you're in the role you've been in for awhile and want to make a bigger impact. Maybe you want to lead more powerfully with your partner or your family, or in a way that's more authentic and more heart-centered. Together, we explore your personal leadership style and what it means to lead in all areas of your life, with all parts of yourself. 


Career Transition. You are called to make a different type of impact in the world. You hear the inner whisper inside of you, begging you to listen. You want to make a change, but you're not sure what you'll do next. You want to start applying for jobs, but you haven't touched your resume since you were 22 and graduating from college. We'll work together to explore the essence of who you are and how you can serve the world, and we will get that resume whipped into shape before you know it. 


Aliveness. Your life is good. Really good. You're successful. Probably really successful by most measures. Yet there's something missing and something more. You know how it feels but you're not yet sure what it is. You long to find out. You long to explore it. You long to create something new. 


Taking the leap, launching your business, sharing your message with the world.  You want to get your message out to the world. You want to build your photography business or your coaching practice or your blog following. Taking the leap is scary. And putting it out there for the world to see is even scarier. We work together to go deep into the "why" of your vision and your deepest desires, and then create actionable plans to make it possible. 

"I’ve worked with a variety of different leadership coaches and online programs over the years. My work with Sarah stands out as a peak experience both personally and professionally. Some coaches only focus on soft skills. Other coaches only focus on concrete action steps. Sarah has a natural way of blending the two into a compressive and custom plan just for you. She spends plenty of time getting to know you, so the work is meaningful and personal. I left our sessions feeling empowered, authentically myself and excited to move forward. You can’t get these results from reading a self-help book! It’s much deeper." - Jessica Balsley, Founder and President of The Art of Education


"I hired Sarah to give my business a jolt of inspiration and to lead me along the path to a total rebrand - and she has done just that! She shared her wisdom with me and gave me the courage to put myself and my business out there in a real and authentic way. Thanks to her advice and insights, my business is doing better than ever, and I feel more like my true self as a writer. She also helped me work on my lingo to attract like-minded clients, and now I feel like I am working with more clients who truly match my vibe. She has been an amazing coach, and I am always quick to recommend her to every business owner I know! To breathe new energy into your business (and into your life), look no further than Sarah Young."

"My work with Sarah has been among the most meaningful I have ever done, professionally or personally. She has not only helped me envision what authenticity and accountability look like in my life, but challenges me to use my values to determine the steps I need to take get there. The creative ideas we come up with together to help me tackle the challenges before me because they are based on the principles that matter most to me. Our work has its roots in who I want be, as opposed to merely what I want to do. Sarah's sincere belief in me inspires me at those times my own belief is faltering, and motivates me to move beyond the obstacles I place in my own way." -Leah, Milwaukee WI

"I worked with Sarah on defining an impact statement for my business. While I knew internally why I do what I do, I had a hard time verbalizing it in a way that felt meaningful and resonated with my target market. Sarah has an innate talent for asking the right questions and pulling the right words out of your brain. She is laser focused on the end goal. I was amazed with how quickly we solved a problem I've been working on alone for the last six months." - Vicky Cassidy, Things I Made Today

"Sarah shines as a coach! Her directness and warmth help clients identify who they are and what matters most to them, so they can envision and take steps toward achieving their goals. Working with Sarah, I was able to overcome my doubts and connect with the big vision and plan I have for my business. I can always count on Sarah to challenge me in a compassionate way so that I keep moving forward." Deb Elbaum, Career and Life Coach, debelbaum.com, Boston, MA

"I think of your work with me as targeted holistic-ness. I feel that through your ability to look at my whole person you were able to tease out, in me, some specific areas and strategies to approach life through a better and more authentic lens. Your coaching has made a massive impact on my life and I thank you for it." Jason Larson, La Crosse WI