You want to create powerful, measurable, positive change in one or more of the following areas. 

  • Leadership. Simply put, you need strong leaders in order to accomplish your big, audacious goals. This might involve a leadership development program for groups of existing managers, it might involve strengthening your leadership pipeline by focusing on emerging leaders, or it might involve focusing on building a foundation for all leaders throughout your organization.
  • Change. You're part of a successful, high-growth organization, and you know you need to prepare now for where you're heading in the future. This often means partnering to put "people-related processes" in place that support the long-term vision of the company, or to work together for optimal results through periods of change and complexity.
  • Communication. You know that communication is essential for great results, thriving culture, and engaging and retaining great people. We work together to get to the heart of your communication challenges and develop actionable strategies to resolve them. 
  • Culture. You know that creating great culture doesn't mean developing a "fun committee" and putting some free snacks in the break room. You know that in order to positively change your culture you need to peel back the layers, be open to what you find, and develop solutions accordingly. And you know that in order to do this right, you need support and expertise.
  • Leadership and Team Augmentation. In this model, we pair your needs with my expertise for a win/win partnership. Examples of this type of partnership have included: people development consulting, people operations program development, company-wide training, leadership training, and train-the-trainer, and project/program management. 

Available Programs

  • The Conscious Leader: ranging from a half-day introductory workshop to a year-long cohort, this signature program increases leadership effectiveness and fulfillment by tuning into who we are as leaders, and applying this awareness in service of something greater. Key topics include: self-awareness as the foundation to impactful leadership, values and priorities, impact and influence, truthful communication and fierce conversations, coaching skills for leadership and life, personal effectiveness, and leading in every moment. Offerings available for individual leaders and for teams - contact me to talk more about upcoming public events and customized in-house offerings. 
  • Team Experiences: together, we design a customized experience that is laser-focused on the needs of your team or your organization. This is not a 1-hour "team building session" - it is a deep dive into what matters most in a way that is experiential, interactive, heart-centered, truthful, powerful, and fun. 
  • Team Coaching: powerful conversation, deep connection, and truthful dialogue about the things that matter most. Together, we design our structure and approach in a way that will serve your team best. 
  • Customized Solutions: we work together to design a solution that moves you toward your top priorities, in a human-centric ways. 

For a sample of current programs, topics, and structures, please see the Events page. 

You are on a mission to do amazing things. 

Our clients range from financial institutions to manufacturing companies to tech startups to healthcare organizations. Some are large, international corporations. Others are small, family-owned businesses. 

While different in structure, these groups share a few things in common. 

  • They are inspired and high functioning. I'm often asked "do you work with dysfunctional organizations?" Simply put, the answer is "no."
  • They care about great results and they care about people.
  • They "get it." They know that people are the heart of a business.
  • They know that developing leaders is not just a nice thing to do, or a way to engage and retain great people, but that it's essential in order to accomplish their big, bold goals and move toward an inspiring vision. 
  • They know that a one-size-fits-all, one-and-done training is often not the solution. They are willing to look deeply and get to the heart of the matter. 

Partial list of past or present clients:

  • American Family Insurance (Madison, WI)
  • The Art of Education (Osage, IA)
  • Brava Magazine (Madison, WI)
  • Bright Futures Chiropractic (Kalona, IA)
  • Bronfman E.L. Rothschild (Rockville, MD and Madison, WI)
  • The Coaches Training Institute (San Rafael, California)
  • CORE Health and Fitness (Middleton, WI)
  • Cottingham & Butler (Dubuque, IA)
  • Cox Chiropractic (Mt. Pleasant, IA)
  • D.C. Taylor Co (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • Dubuque Women's Leadership Network (Dubuque, IA)
  • Greater Madison Area SHRM (Madison, WI)
  • Hawkeye ATD (Eastern Iowa)
  • Healthways (Nashville, TN)
  • Health Solutions, LLC (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • Indian Creek Nature Center (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • Inspired Living Chiropractic (Jesup, IA)
  • Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • McFarland State Bank (McFarland, WI)
  • PerBlue (Madison, WI)
  • Public Health Madison/Dane County (Dane County, WI)
  • Sonic Foundry (Madison, WI)
  • Tri 4 Schools (Madison, WI)
  • University of Iowa Community Credit Union (North Liberty, IA)
  • University of Wisconsin Extension (Madison, WI)
  • University of Madison Continuing Education (Madison, WI)
  • Vault Coworking and Collaboration Space (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (Madison, WI)
  • Wisconsin Primary Healthcare Association (Madison, WI)



For a preview of a few of my core leadership beliefs, feel free to check out this free webinar that I offered in partnership with the University of Northern Iowa.