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Aliveness at Work (CultureCon 2019)

During this breakout session at CultureCon 2019, we will explore how we, as individuals, can feel more alive at work...and how, as leaders, we can create cultures and environments and work places that feel more alive. Supported by data and research, and infused with practical take-aways, participants will leave with concrete actions that they can begin to apply following the session.

Key Questions We’ll Explore Include:

  • What can we, as individuals, do to feel more alive and joyful at work - regardless of what is happening in our external circumstances?

  • What can we, as leaders of teams or projects or organizations, do to create cultures that feel more alive?

  • What are some of the most powerful and tangible things that we can do - starting tomorrow - that really move the needle?

Register here, via the CultureCon website.

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske

Later Event: October 17
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