The Influential Leader

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison Madison, WI

Simply put, leadership matters. Institutions that systematically build the leadership capacity of their staff outperform those who don’t. But who has the time for leadership? There are people to manage, reports to write, meetings to attend, deadlines to meet, and what about a personal life? Everybody likes to talk about leadership, but isn’t that really the job of the people at the top?

This interactive, thought-provoking workshop is especially designed for busy middle managers who want to move up the career ladder and take on new challenges with the confidence to succeed. Participants will learn about leadership from a new perspective, examine the difference between leadership and management, be exposed to the power of mindfulness as a leadership competency, and assess their strengths against five research-proven leadership practices.

You will learn:

  • Your leadership values
  • The difference between management and leadership, and why both are essential for high performance.
  • How to build lasting relationships and master the art of networking
  • Five research-proven behaviors associated with effective leadership

Key Activities: Understand your leadership strengths and drivers, draft core values, assess your blend of current leadership and management activities, and network with higher education leaders.

Visit the UW Extension website for more information and to register.