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Strengthening Managerial Effectiveness in a Higher Education Environment

Does being an effective manager mean you are helping others to do their job, making sure they are doing the right things, or coaching them to improve performance?   There’s really no simple answer to that question. The best managers are masterful at adjusting their approach to fit the circumstances and people involved.  To help build managerial effectiveness, participants will learn how to provide constructive feedback, conduct difficult conversations with peers or subordinates, manage up the chain of command, and strengthen their skills in the necessary art of persuasion.

Using a dialogue inquiry approach, the instructors plan to draw on the experiences of participants to examine common managerial dilemmas such as underperforming teams, difficult employees, micro-managing bosses, and managing conflicting priorities. The course will have practical, hands-on approach and will provide participants with practical tools to take back and use immediately in their workplace setting.

You will learn:

  • Your preferred style for helping others improve their performance
  • To harness the power of expectations to improve employee performance
  • How to deliver effective feedback
  • To resolve common workplace problems by conducting difficult conversations

Key Activities: Assess your preferred style when helping others, practice giving and receiving constructive feedback, prepare and conduct difficult conversations, and dialogue with higher education leaders.

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