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Building a Resonant YES Life through the Power of No (Private Event)

  • Madison, WI United States (map)

Attending the event even though we don’t want to. Saying “sure, I can help!” even though it puts us behind on our own work. Overcommitting to the point that we are tired, stressed out, and edgy. Saying “yes” because we think saying “no” will be rude. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. As women, we often find ourselves saying “yes” to try to be nice, to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, or to be helpful.

However, when we do, we’re often saying “no” to ourselves. During this interactive, high-energy, and thought-provoking experience we will:

• Explore the “myths of saying yes”

• Understand the immediate and long term impacts of saying “yes” when we really want to say “no”

• Discover what it really means to say “no”

• Reflect on the compelling vision of a resonant “yes” life

• Learn specific tools and approaches to use in everyday life and in challenging situations