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Coaching Mini Sessions

Have a big decision to make?

Feeling stuck in an area of your life?

Have something you know you need to deal with, but that you’ve been avoiding?

Ready to make a big change but not quite sure how to get started?

Curious, but not sure if your topic fits?

Here are a few examples of topics I’ve worked through with clients during these types of sessions.

  • I’m not happy at my current job but I’m not sure if I want to make a change; I make great money and have even better benefits.

  • I received a promotion and now need to decide if I should take it which would involve moving to a new city.

  • I’d like to make more time to focus on my health, and am having a hard time fitting it in with work and family responsibilities.

  • My sister and I haven’t spoken in two years. I’d like to reach out to her...I'm wondering if it’s too late.

  • I have an entire novel drafted; I’m terrified to publish it.

  • I’d like to start a blog; I’m nervous about “putting something out there” that others might judge.

During these 30 minute sessions, we’ll explore your topic, collaborate and brainstorm, and you’ll leave with a concrete plan of action and accountability. We’ll use a co-active model of coaching, which means that I’ll ask powerful questions to empower you to find the answers. Of course, everything we discuss is confidential.

What It Is:

  • Collaborative, creative, and co-active

  • An opportunity to see things in a new way

  • A chance to try out coaching in a safe and supportive environment

  • Time for fresh perspective

What It Isn’t:

  • Advising or therapy

  • A way to “fix” you (you don’t need fixing)

  • A silver bullet to the challenge you’re facing

Available Times:

  • Thursday 2/6 between 12 and 6 pm

  • Friday 2/7 between 7 am and 1 pm

  • Tuesday 2/11 between 2 and 6 pm

  • Wednesday 2/12 between 7 am and 1 pm

To Sign Up:

  • $30 for 30-minute coaching mini-session via phone, Google Hangout, Facetime, or Skype (you pick)

  • Email with your first and second choices for a time slot if you’re interested.

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