You want to increase your impact.



You know that leadership is required to get to where you want to be. 






You want to feel alive.


"Sarah was able to strip away the fluff  and get to some real, measurable data in front of us. I'm grateful for her engaging workshops and quick-witted ability to implement information in real-time. I would recommend Sarah to anyone from a personal to organization level who wants to improve." -Robert Stiles, Owner of Revolution Realty Team

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"Sarah sculpted the program to meet the exact needs of my group. Her material was fresh, original, and concise." -Steve Shriver, Founder and CEO of EcoLips

"Sarah shines as a coach! Her directness and warmth help clients identify who they are and what matters most to them, so they can envision and take steps toward achieving their goals. Working with Sarah, I was able to overcome my doubts and connect with the big vision and plan I have for my business. I can always count on Sarah to challenge me in a compassionate way so that I keep moving forward." Deb Elbaum, Career and Life Coach,, Boston, MA


"I worked with Sarah on defining an impact statement for my business. While I knew internally why I do what I do, I had a hard time verbalizing it in a way that felt meaningful and resonated with my target market. Sarah has an innate talent for asking the right questions and pulling the right words out of your brain. She is laser focused on the end goal. I was amazed with how quickly we solved a problem I've been working on alone for the last six months." - Vicky Cassidy - Founder of Grid Productive