My clients are smart, talented, passionate individuals who know that success has many dimensions. They are leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, and incredible humans who are willing to ask the tough questions to figure out what they really want, and then take bold, heart-centered action in order to get there.

I work with high-impact individuals who want to continue to make a positive dent in the universe. Together, we typically focus on one or several of the following areas:

Leadership in All Areas of Work & Life

  • Tuning into your most authentic and compelling way of leading - your team, your company, or perhaps your family - and working together to increase your positive impact in a way that feels aligned and alive.

Co-Founder Strategy & Thought Partnership

  • As your company grows and evolves at a rapid rate, so do you. Often, the pace of growth that’s needed is beyond anything you’ve faced before. Together, we look at what’s needed - both from you as an individual leader within the company, and from the co-founders as a leadership unit, and collaboratively partner to make it happen.

Authentic Entrepreneurship

  • Growing a successful business in a way that is 100% aligned with who you are and how you work best. Stripping away the things that aren't serving you or your business, and sharing your message with the world in a way that is uniquely you. Or, perhaps burning it all down and starting anew when you realize that you’ve built a wildly successful business…that you’ve grown to hate.

Impact & Career Transition

  • Tuning into the voice of the inner whisper that is telling you you’re meant to do something else…even when you don’t quite know what that “something else” is. Getting clear on your gifts, your values, and your vision for the future -and then working together to make that vision a reality.

Alignment and Aliveness

  • Creating greater alignment across all parts of your life. Letting go of the idea that one area needs to suffer to support another. Bringing more joy and aliveness to your leadership and your life. Simplifying, prioritizing, and clarifying.

We may be a great fit if you are:

A leader

Who wants to grow as a person while also growing your impact

A founder or CEO

Who wants to grow as a person and a leader while growing your company in a conscious and aligned way

A successful professional

Considering a career pivot (anything from pursuing a new internal role, to a massive career shift)

An entrepreneur

Looking to take your business and your impact to the next level, in a way that feels authentic and aligned

A passionate individual

Looking to increase your positive impact in the world in a way that feels aligned with who you are at your core.


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"I hired Sarah to give my business a jolt of inspiration and to lead me along the path to a total rebrand - and she has done just that! She shared her wisdom with me and gave me the courage to put myself and my business out there in a real and authentic way. Thanks to her advice and insights, my business is doing better than ever, and I feel more like my true self as a writer. She also helped me work on my lingo to attract like-minded clients, and now I feel like I am working with more clients who truly match my vibe. She has been an amazing coach, and I am always quick to recommend her to every business owner I know! To breathe new energy into your business (and into your life), look no further than Sarah Young."
— Shelby, Lifestyle Writer and Founder of

"I worked with Sarah on defining an impact statement for my business. While I knew internally why I do what I do, I had a hard time verbalizing it in a way that felt meaningful and resonated with my target market. Sarah has an innate talent for asking the right questions and pulling the right words out of your brain. She is laser focused on the end goal. I was amazed with how quickly we solved a problem I’ve been working on alone for the last six months."
— Vicky Cassidy, Things I Made Today


"Sarah shines as a coach! Her directness and warmth help clients identify who they are and what matters most to them, so they can envision and take steps toward achieving their goals. Working with Sarah, I was able to overcome my doubts and connect with the big vision and plan I have for my business. I can always count on Sarah to challenge me in a compassionate way so that I keep moving forward."
— Deb Elbaum, Career and Life Coach,, Boston, MA