If You Don't Like It, Create Something Different

We have more power to change things than we often know. The world is not "out there" - it's right in front of us. We create it.

As a small example - I've heard a lot of people say something along the lines of, "Facebook is all political crap." Well - lucky for us, if that's our perception, we have total control to change it. We can follow people who talk about things other than or in addition to politics, we can modify our newsfeed to see things that inspire us, and we can create conversations and write posts about the things we want to see more of on Facebook. We can also get curious and investigate our irritation about the political posts - often times the things that trigger us are juicy opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

Sometimes it might feel easier to sit back and observe (and perhaps judge) the world "over there." But when we do this, "that world" doesn't change. We continue to experience it in the same way over and over again.

The world is right in front of us. We create it - over and over again, every minute of every day. What do you most want to create in your world?