BEing + DOing

Intention and BEing combined with Action and DOing can be a really powerful combo. There was an organization that I had driven by many, many times over the course of 2 years - and each time I had, I had thought "I'd really like to work with this organization." Sure enough, I received a call "out of the blue" with an invitation to work with this very organization. It took me getting clear on what I wanted (and perhaps equally importantly, saying NO to what I didn't), and then taking action accordingly. I find that for me, when intention/being/action/doing are in alignment, things flow and the magic starts to happen. When the flow is missing or the magic subsides, I can typically find that part of the equation is off and that some adjustment is needed on my part.

Invitation for the next week: how's your intention/being/action/doing equation looking? Are there any adjustments needed, large or small?