Playing Or Waiting?

I've been talking to a lot of amazing and talented people lately who are waiting. 

Waiting for the resume to be updated, for a little more experience, to feel perfectly apply for the new job.

Waiting for the website to be finished, the business cards to be ordered, just a few more practice sessions, just a little more clarity on the start the coaching practice.

Waiting for tomorrow, for the next day, for the weekend, for after the have the conversation with a partner about the thing that so desperately needs to be talked about.

Waiting for just the right moment on just the right day when the words are just right and only the right people will be publish the blog post. 

Waiting to get it just right, for complete clarity to come, to feel qualified enough, for the perfect start playing and get in the game. 

Here's the thing.

You'll never be completely ready.

The perfect moment will never come.

Play anyway.

There will always be people who don't like the blog post/the product/the thing/you.

There will always be people who have written more/sold more/acquired more letters after their name/been doing it longer.

Play anyway.

There will always be moments of fear, moments of doubt, moments of wanting to quit and walk away.

Play anyway.

Because here's the thing.

Life is the game.

And whether we like it or not, the buzzer has gone off, the clock is running, and we have two choices - to wait, or to play.

Which will you choose?