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Do you ever have one of those days - or weeks - where nothing seems to go *quite* as planned?

You burn your toast, you're late for work, and your dog steps in a pile of poop all before 8 am. How is that even possible?

In a world of Instagram and Facebook where it seems that everyone is having a perfect day everyday, it's easy to feel shitty about your not-so-perfect morning. 

It's easy to judge it, scoff at it, become irritated at it, and to go through the rest of your day holding a grudge against it.

It's easy to create a story called, "I'm having a shitty day."

Here's the thing, though. The minute we start telling that story - whether in our heads or out loud, we begin to guessed it...a shitty day.

Now, of course, shitty things happen. Really tragic things do too. But the gift in all of these is that they are opportunities to create from.

We can create from irritation, create from sadness, and create from the burnt toast. 

Every moment of every day is a moment to create from. 

What we create is our choice.

Here's a challenge to put this into action: this week, when you find yourself feeling irritated, bored, short-tempered, or annoyed, pause. Take a breath, and ask yourself, "what do I want to create in this moment?" Record your progress for a week. Notice the impact.

And if you're so inspired, share your observations in the comments.