Tune In. Take Action. Create Change. 8.30.19 Edition.


As you’ve probably read, the Amazon is burning, and has been for awhile.

Forest fires in the Amazon aren’t new. Fire is a common tactic used by some farmers to clear space for cattle grazing for beef production.

This time, though, the fires have reached new magnitudes and new levels of concern.

As we watch “the planet’s lungs” burn from afar, here are some things that we can do.

Tune In. 

  • Learn More. Follow Earth Alliance and the Rainforest Alliance to read more about what’s happening and how to get involved.

  • Read labels. If you eat meat, look at where it’s coming from. Many of the fires are a product of deforestation for cattle grazing – ultimately in service of beef production. Consider buying locally and ethically raised and produced meat. When possible, purchase beef at your local farmer’s market or directly from farmers.

Take Action. 

  • Plant a tree through One Tree Planted. $1 plants 1 tree. Maybe plant a few.

  • Change your default browser to search via Ecosia instead of through Google. They donate 80% of their profits, use searches to plant trees, and don’t track or sell user data.

  • Purchase Rainforest Alliance Certified products when possible.

Create Change. 

Even from afar, there is always something we can do.

Thank you for reading and for taking in action in whatever way feels right for you.