I’m a business, leadership, and life coach for passionate, talented, and inspired forward thinkers.

This means that I work with smart and successful individuals, teams, and organizations to make an impact.


Take your message out into the world. Create something that’s yours. Figure out what you’re all about and then (gulp) share it with the world. Stand in what you have to offer and shine brightly instead of giving into doubt and judgment. Make an impact.


Use all parts of you to lead in an authentic, inspiring, and effective way. Build strong relationships, dynamic teams, and great results. Make an impact.


Figure out what’s important. Prioritize what matters and stop letting the day-to-day take over. Live in a way that’s undivided and aligned. Take bold action to facilitate powerful change. Answer the tough questions. Do the work you’re meant to do in the world. Make an impact.

My work is inspired by a bold vision of what is possible in the world.

  • A world where one day, everyone is living with passion and purpose.

  • A world where we get to show up fully and authentically in everything we do - whether in the boardroom as a CEO, at home as a parent, and after work at the gym.

  • We begin to speak to and be with each other in a way that honors our wholeness as human beings.

  • A world where we are all doing work that nourishes instead of depletes.

  • A world where we all say “yes - this is the work I’m meant to do in the world” whether as an executive, a stay-at-home-mom, or as a teacher.

  • A world where we take care of ourselves - we prioritize sleep, health, and time with loved ones - in order to better take care of others and where this is what’s seen as heroic instead of sleepless nights and emails at 2 am.

  • A world where “loved” and “fulfilled” replace “busy” as the most common answers to “how are you?”

  • A world where we speak from a place of truth and can really be with each other - even when it’s hard.

  • A world where, when we are all showing up in this place of wholeness and authenticity, there is more peace, less violence, more community, more creation, more love, more impact, and a changed world that is created one person and one conversation at a time.


  • Authenticity and Wholeness- showing up as our full, whole, self at all times, in each area of our lives.

  • Health and Wellness - nourishing and taking care of ourselves.

  • Aliveness - exploring what makes us feel completely alive and honoring those things.

  • Impact - living with passion and on purpose.

  • Expansion- continuous growth and learning.

  • Truth - speaking and acting from a place of truth.

  • Choice - its constant presence, and the power to stand in it at all times.