I am a leadership, executive, & personal development coach. I'm a corporate trainer and consultant, a teacher and a student, and an entrepreneur.

Call it whatever you'd like. At the end of the day, I work with individuals and teams to do remarkable things.


My professional background is in the corporate world.

I spent 8 years in healthcare IT, working as a project manager, a staff management executive, and an HR director for the top company in its field. I spent my time leading projects, teams, and large divisions. I realized that at the end of the day, the thing I really care about is empowering others to make an impact in a way that is fulfilling, authentic, and alive.

My coaching training is from one of the top coaching institutions in the world.

I am a professional, certified co-active coach through The Coaches Training Institute. It's one of the oldest and most respected programs in its field and is the program that shaped much of the coaching accreditation that exists today.

I’m currently enrolled in an 11-month, intensive, soul-shaking leadership program that is stirring up everything I thought I knew about leadership. This work is alive and evolving in every program I create and each of my coaching conversations. 

I study coaching, leadership, and entrepreneurship extensively. I don’t believe that there is “one way” but rather many ways that work, as long as we do them authentically and with passion and purpose.

My approach is authentic and honest, heart-centered and fierce.

I believe we are all the leaders of our own lives. That means that every single day, in everything we do, we make a choice about how we show up and how we lead. In all of my work, leadership and compassion go together, as do fierce love and hard truth. I fiercely believe in the greatness of each of my clients.

My passion is empowering others to make an impact in a way that feels completely alive. 

It's about throwing out the old notion of work/life balance and instead embracing life, and living. It's about awareness and the choices we make every single day. It's about the courage to do what lights us on fire instead of what is easy. It's about going all out and all in, in our leadership and our life.