sarah young: founder & chief impact catalyst

I am incredibly grateful to call myself the Chief Impact Catalyst here at Zing Collaborative. I get to wake up every day and do work that fills me from deep within, and this is not something that I take lightly. I recognize that this is a great privilege.

This work was brewing inside me for many years - long before I ever recognized it. I like to think that it's been brewing since I was about four years old and forced my brother to play school over and over and over again, obsessed with learning and exploring and uncovering something new. It continued to brew inside me when I became a manager in the corporate world and began to see the magic that happens when we combine our talents and our strengths, in service of something greater. And then, still undetected, it continued to emerge and expand in new forms through my yoga practice and my yoga teacher training program, when I realized the power of getting quiet, tuning into our breath, and creating space for our inner whisper to emerge. 

After all of this brewing, my official "ah ha" moment came in March of 2013 during my very first coach training class. I returned from that class and did the thing that all the business books say not to do: I quit my job and decided to start my business, cold turkey. 

And, the rest is history.

Today, my work takes the form of highly experiential sessions with high-impact groups,  private coaching with a select number of incredible individuals, speaking on stages about topics that matter, and writing and teaching and learning and exploring. 

At the end of the day, this work is about tuning in to what matters, what is true, what we deeply desire, and how we can best serve the world - and then having the courage to take action. 

A friend once described my approach as "having one foot in Silicon Valley and the other foot in this other...spiritual, mystical place," and I decided that it might be my favorite description to date. More specifically, my approach is grounded on a foundation of my time in the corporate world, and is infused with coaching, leadership, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, nature, and intuition. My clients have called it "fresh, relevant, unique, results-focused, energizing, and highly impactful."

I'm most in my element when I'm leading an experiential workshop, working with my clients to co-create magic, or when I'm somewhere in nature. 

In terms of 'official' stuff, I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Certified ScrumMaster, consistently ranked a top instructor and speaker for courses and keynotes I deliver, and in 2016 and 2017 was named Madison's Favorite Executive/Life Coach by BRAVA Magazine's Raves and Faves survey. Zing Collaborative is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet

Myers & Briggs says I'm an ENFP (and I have to say, I agree). The Gallup Strengths Finder says: Positive, Maximizing, Adaptable, Believing, and Connected, Disc says iS, Kolbe says Quick Start, and my top Motivators Assessment Motivator is "Impact" and Motivators Assessment Identity is "Thinker."

When I'm not with clients, I'm usually somewhere in nature, camping, fat biking, running, or adventuring, experimenting in the kitchen, eating avocado toast, or ordering dessert. I love low-key, lingering dinner gatherings, Thai take-out, gatherings with girlfriends that have a dress code of yoga pants, and skipping the small talk. 

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awards & certifications

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jake felton: vp of strategy & operations

Jake-RI Casual Headshot.jpg

Jake recently joined the Zing Collaborative team as the VP of Strategy & Operations. His diverse background includes leadership, operations, and strategy-based roles in industries ranging from Construction, to Energy Efficiency, to Social Impact and Green Infrastructure. 

He is passionate about the triple bottom line: People, Profits, and Planet - and he has an exceptional ability to hold all three at the center of any decision he's making and any project he's tackling. 

He's an outdoor enthusiast, regularly competing in a variety of outdoor-recreation based activities - from running, to biking, to snow shoe running and racing. He's an ambassador for Atlas Snowshoes and a nature lover at heart. 

He is the ISTJ to Sarah's ENFP, and Sarah is thrilled to officially welcome Jake to the Zing Collaborative team.