Hi There! I’m Sarah, and I’m incredibly grateful to call myself the Chief Impact Catalyst here at Zing Collaborative. I feel honored to do the work I do each day and to work with the incredible humans who I get to call my clients. Here are a few quick things about me as a starting point.

  • My Why: positive impact in a way that feels inspired and alive.

  • Conscious Business: I believe that corporations have tremendous power to create positive change in our world. I believe in triple bottom line - people, profits, planet - and I love working with clients who believe in that too.

  • Leadership: I believe that we are all leaders, regardless of role, title, or profession. I believe that every moment is a leadership moment and that big change often stems from small actions.

  • Partnership: I believe in deep relationships and joyful partnerships. If you are my client, I will fight for you and put a stake in the ground for you, in service of the things that matter most. Working with me you will get what I call Fierce Love: truth from a place of kindness and heart.

  • Giving Back: one of my most compelling drivers for starting my business was the opportunity to give back. I donate a percentage of my sales to 1% for the planet and aim to give generously and abundantly on a local, national, and global level to causes I believe in. You can read more about my approach, and the organizations I’m currently supporting, here.


I was compelled to start my business in May of 2013 for a few reasons - some light, and some dark.

The light: while working in the corporate world, I saw what became possible when we were able to work from a place where our strengths and passions came together in service of greater impact. I saw the positive ripples of effective leaders who invested in their team members and cared about them as human beings. I saw the power of bringing together brilliant groups of humans in order to do world-changing, game-changing work. I witnessed what’s possible when founders and leaders commit to doing good and giving back.

The dark: I watched friends and colleagues suffer through jobs that they hated. I observed colleagues working 80 hours during the week and getting black-out drunk on the weekends to cope. I watched friends and colleagues deaden themselves to their desires and their dreams, as they waited for one more bonus or one more raise. I watched colleagues hang their heads in silence rather than standing up for what they believed.

I witnessed the power of becoming disconnected from who we are in others, and then one day I witnessed it in myself. I believe that if we begin to drift away from our values and our truth that it can be hard to find our way back. It was on this day that it became clear that I was being called toward a greater purpose: for myself, and for our world - a purpose rooted in impact in a way that feels inspired and alive. I did what all of the business books say not to do - I quit my job, and the next day filed the paperwork to make Zing Collaborative (Zing Coaching at the time) an official registered business. Thank goodness that the “all or nothing” approach works well for me…


Today, I have the privilege of partnering with amazing humans to elevate their positive impact in the world. I do this through 1:1 coaching and thought partnership with incredible individuals; highly experiential sessions with conscious teams and companies; speaking on stages about topics that matter, and writing and teaching and learning and exploring. 

At the end of the day, this work is about tuning in to what matters, what is true, what we deeply desire, and how we can best serve the world - and then having the courage to take action. 

A colleague once described my approach as "having one foot in Silicon Valley and the other foot in this other spiritual, mystical place." My work is built upon my foundation in the corporate world and infused with best practices from leading research in the spaces of leadership, organizational development, human development, entrepreneurship, and coaching. It’s infused with elements of mindfulness, nature, intuition, and what some of my clients once described as “jedi mind tricks….” a style described by others as “yoda like.” I bring a no bull-shit approach that’s rooted in fierce love, grounded in corporate experience, activated by intuition, and infused with best practices for a fresh, relevant, and refreshing approach.


  • I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute and completed CTI’s year-long, intensive leadership program.

  • I’m a Certified ScrumMaster.

  • I held a number of executive level roles in the corporate world, in the areas of project management, people management and development, leadership development, and human resources.

  • I’m a certified yoga instructor, and have completed training to work in the Akashic Records. Mindfulness is a thread woven through much of the work that I do.

  • I’ve been named one of Madison’s Favorite Executive and Life Coaches in 2016, 2017, and 2018 by BRAVA Magazine readers.

  • Zing Collaborative is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and Sustain Dane.

life coach, leadership coach


  • ENFP (Myers & Briggs)…and I have to say, I agree.

  • Thinker (Motivators Assessment) with a top motivator of Impact

  • Positive, Maximizing, Adaptable, Believing, and Connected (Gallup Strength Finder)

  • iS (DISC)

  • 2-time Ironman Finisher (2008 and 2016); multiple marathon finisher; and winner of a slew of random 5ks, 10ks, and a few half marathons.

  • Rescue dog advocate… #adoptdontshop

  • Lover of nature, all things warm (warm weather, sunshine, soup, warm yoga, the list goes on…), hiking, adventuring, exploring, traveling, cooking, creating, hosting, writing, deep conversation and talking about possibilities.

  • Many of my talks have been written during a bike ride in the woods or a walk on a trail; my favorite dress code is yoga pants (and I donated all of my suits a few years ago), and I prefer to skip the small talk and go straight to the good stuff.




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Jake is the ISTJ to Sarah’s ENFP and is Zing Collaborative’s VP of Strategy & Operations. His diverse background includes leadership, operations, and strategy-based roles in industries ranging from Construction, to Energy Efficiency, to Social Impact and Green Infrastructure. 

He is passionate about the triple bottom line: People, Profits, and Planet - and he has an exceptional ability to hold all three at the center of any decision he's making and any project he's tackling. 

He's an outdoor enthusiast, regularly competing in a variety of outdoor-recreation based activities - from running, to biking, to snow shoe running and racing. He's an ambassador for Atlas Snowshoes and a nature lover at heart.  

He’s currently completing his PLCC (Professional Life Coaching Certificate) through UW Madison and is passionate about coaching clients who are looking to create more balance in their lives, spend more time outside, and reconnect to and rediscover their hobbies.


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