So I began to wonder:

What would happen if we took the time to get quiet, listened to what is true deep within (what I call the “inner whisper”) and followed THAT? 

What would be possible if all of us had the opportunity to align our strengths and our passions – in service of impact that is greater than ourselves, and in service of what our companies most need?

What if all leaders had the coaching and tools to be confident, effective, and compassionate in their roles as leaders and managers? 

And what could it look like to explore these questions – and see what happens? 

For me, it led me to my very first coach training class in March 2013, after which the inner whisper started to shout. After the first course, I did the thing that all the business books say not to do: I quit my job cold turkey and started Zing Collaborative. My last day was May 1st and I was in the small business development center on May 3rd, confirming that I’d checked the right boxes to submit my legal paperwork.